Improve Your Tomorrow

Service Areas

Service Activities

Help students be successful in school, Help students recover from learning interrupted by the pandemic, Prepare students for high school graduation and college

Age Groups

High School

Service Terms Offered

one year

Time Commitment

full-time – 35-40 hours per week, part-time – 18-30 hours per week

Launches in


Contact Information

Improve Your Tomorrow’s Mentor Fellowship Program is a year-long opportunity for diverse college students and graduates to develop strong, innovative, and empathetic leadership skills while supporting young men of color on their journey to and through college. Improve Your Tomorrow mentors serve at local high schools, where they lead student development workshops, collaborate with school staff, and develop mentorship strategies with the Improve Your Tomorrow programs team. Improve Your Tomorrow has programs in two other states – California and Maryland.

Why members like serving with Improve Your Tomorrow:

  • “Since my first day, IYT has been so full of energy, support, and care. The workshops, training, and vulnerable conversation have allowed me to grow as a leader, community member, and person…It’s really nice to know that there is a whole community that’s committed to supporting underrepresented populations and working to combat academic inequalities, all while being able to support one another.” – Julissa, Bay Area IYT member
  • “Becoming a mentor and connecting with the brothers at school showed me that I still have a lot to learn, not only in being a leaderful mentor but also in how to grow as a person who can be looked up to. My time as a mentor has made me more confident, outgoing, and patient but, as one of my brothers told me, ‘In this life, even at your peak, you always have room to elevate.’” – Daiveon, Sacramento IYT member

Essential qualifications to serve with Improve Your Tomorrow:

  • Must be a college graduate or college student familiar with college requirements and the application process
  • Have reliable transportation
  • Must be available weekends and evenings for events (minimum twice a month)